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A match made in Digital Heaven, we work with SA's industry experts to keep growing businesses connected online.

Partner with a Service Provider
that cares about your business

We work with awesome South African developers, creatives, SEO champs, IT Gurus and everyone in between, including you! Keep your clients connected and backed by fanatical support while you earn commission each month along with awesome free services, leaving you to focus on what is important, your business.

Get awesome free services to help grow your business

Our Wolfpack members get free web & email hosting, free device backups, cloud storage and discount on applicable products and services.

Earn Signup bonuses & ongoing monthly commission

Get signup bonuses for referred clients and commission up to 12.5% for each consecutive month the client has active Intellihost service.

Extremely easy signup process to get clients connected

You get your own unique signup URL for clients to sign up. Once the client signs up, you immediately start getting commission for their active services.

No investment or risks, only awesome rewards

Partners pay no fees and we handle all the work including product recommendations, setup of new services and all future product support.

Packages and benefits specifically for your clients

All clients signed up through our partner network gets their first 2 months free and have options of various special discounted services and packages.

You have access to an easy to use Partner Dashboard

Your Partner Dashboard shows commission history, allows for withdrawal of funds and allows you to update your Partner Profile whenever you need.

Why partner with Intellihost?

Out of a truffle of ISP's to choose from, our partnership offerings is truly built to ensure you don't just get value, but that our partnership will help our clients grow better online.

We're THE ISP that primarily focuses on partnerships

The vast majority of customers we manage was referred to us by our partners, many of which were first normal customers which saw our dedication to service and support and felt comfortable enough to refer their clients to us (and at the time for free with no rebates). We in return saw the need to thank those partners and have dedicated 100's of man hours in developing a unique and easy to use partnership program (called the Intellihost Wolfpack) that is specifically built to not just help the customer grow, but you as a partner. Although we offer our services to the direct public, we have reserved some extended packages and features that are only available to partners and their referrals.

We focus on Cloud Based Business Services

Out of the 100's of online ISP's, there are only a select few that exclusively offers services to South African businesses (so no consumer services) and only a handful that does not focus on connectivity as a primary service list. Combine these 2, and you end up with an ISP that can offer specialized online cloud services that can focus on the finer details and services on what really works best for a growing business in South Africa. All of the above means that you can comfortably consider us as a partner. We will dedicate our needed attention to ensure all of our services are considered critical, and the needed support will be our priority to each client. All clients are treated with a little bit of TLC that ensures the constant growth of South Africa’s Small Industries.

Maximising your relationship with the client

It's a team sport, and we believe in working together to ultimately win at what we love to do. Working with a dedicated partner and account manager and associated support team, we keep track of the relationships between partners and customers and offer streamlined and ongoing support, advice and recommendations to both you and the client on our services so that you can work better, faster and add more value to your relationship with your client. Consider us as part of the crew and we'll consider you as part of our wolfpack.

We're constantly evolving and the numbers don't lie!

Over the past 5 years we have invested 40% of our annual income in building our own network in a state-of-the-art Data Centre in Samrand, Centurion. We fully own and manage our own hardware and equipment from the leading providers of enterprise cloud equipment and sport brands like Dell, HP, Ubiquiti Networks and Western Digital Data Centre Storage to name a few. We've partnered with global leaders like Microsoft, Citrix, cPanel and Kaspersky to run and offer software based solutions to businesses but have dedicated millions of lines of code each year on various projects which not just runs our internal business but offers unique services like our Domain Manager, Sitebuilder, Cloud Portal, Network Manager and our Mail Guard service. We don't intend on stopping this trend of digital growth and want to share the real excitement of what the cloud has to offer with our partners that share in the spoils with each new enhancement we bring to the table.

We work with those that help South Africa's growing businesses grow online

We work with partners much like ourselves, customer and support driven entities that wishes to enhance their customers through any kind of digital innovation

IT Gurus

Offering IT related services to customers means you need to constantly work with ISP's in resolving common issues for clients. Whether it's setting up email addresses or having to configure devices which needs to be connected online, your day is often filled with hours on phone calls to different ISP's that often drop the ball. Our partner model is vastly different, we offer free Teamviewer support to all clients and handle all support queries like setting up email addresses, troubleshooting common issues but are also always available to work with your team in assisting the clients. No more dealing with nameless callcentre agents, you have access to a partner account manager and support team that is available to assist whenever you need help.

Creative Agencies

Whether you offer graphic design for customers or are part of a growing creative agency offering engaging web, online and social designs and marketing to clients, we naturally blend in with your services without you having to deal with the technical knowhow or managing of clients various online hosting platforms. We do the heavy lifting and work with you in offering not just rocksolid services but keeping them online so that you can offer better results.

Developer Ninjas

We're a development orientated ISP that focuses a lot of energy on offering services feature rich for developers in mind. We offer all of the development favourites in our hosting environments including shell access with GIT, Composer and NPM support to give you the tools to streamline your ongoing development projects with clients but also offer customizable environments with PHP version and extension customizable per domain and offer full NodeJS support on a hosting front. By partnering with us you don't just get a rocksolid hosting environment for your client projects, but also have access to support from our development team on finetuning and assistance within our environment. This saves you the time from having to configure environments and working around pitfalls but rather focus on developing awesome new features for the client.

Online Marketing and SEO Masters

In online marketing, results matter, and working hand in hand with a cloud provider that offers always available online hosting and associated services ensures that you and the client can rely on having their online campaigns visible and online backed by a team that understands the importance of ensuring your platforms are online, whether it's SEO pages, marketing websites to enhanced e-commerce websites. We work with you in perfecting speed, visibility and reach as far as the internet allows which means better results for you and the client.

Business Services Providers

Whether you're a business analysis or service provider offering new or growing businesses with expertise and assistance in starting or growing their businesses, you understand that offering such businesses the correct tools is upmost important in ensuring they grow. Your customers operations heavily rely on working online, whether it's communicating in various channels online like email, voice or SMS, advertising or selling online or having the correct tools to protect their businesses and data, working with the correct ISP from the start that focuses on their individual needs but more importantly specialize in working with SMME's will vastly improve their operation. We aim to fill that gap in offering our BSP partners a reliable and transparent partner to work with whilst always striving to enhance each business we help grow online

Printing and offline media agencies

Whether you help businesses get exposure through signage, flyers and other print material or offer marketing platforms like booklets and newspapers your clients can greatly enhance their marketing reach by having a website and personalized email addresses that enhances their brand and ensures faster response times to potential sales. By working with us, you work with an ISP that will help the client get connected faster and ensure they can grow not just through the marketing platforms you offer, but also through various online channels whilst you take care of improving their brands and campaigns through your individual platforms and services.

We've taken the hassle out of joining our Wolfpack

We have streamlined our partners process to ensure you're setup fast and have an easy process to get customers signed up and obtain your rebates when you need it.


Let's get to know each other

Once you've completed the signup form below, a dedicated account manager will reach out to you to setup a Skype meeting so that we can introduce our awesome company, services and process moving forward.


Complete the signup process

Create your free Intellihost account at so that we can setup your Partner Dashboard on your profile. Your account manager will do all the heavy lifting and give you some training on how to use our platform.


Get access to your free services

We'll setup your free services and link it to your account created in step 2 above. Your free services will be active immediately and remain active and free as long as you maintain the minimum requirements to remain a bronze partner or higher.


Sign-up clients with your Unique Partner URL

You will get a unique partner URL which customers can use to register and order services. Any eligible services the customer signs up in the future will earn you rebates for each month the service remains active on our servers.


Request your rebate money when you need it

Your rebates will be available and build up each month until you wish to withdraw it. Simply log onto your Partner Dashboard located in your Intellihost Client Portal (see step 2) and follow the steps on withdrawing your money and you're sorted!


Earn more rebates and free services as your client base grows

Partners are grouped according to different levels. The more customers and services you have, the more free services you will be eligible in getting and the higher percentage rebates will be available which ranges between 5 – 15% back each month!

Ready to join our network? Complete the form below and a partner account manager will contact you soon:

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